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Langtang valley trek is a fabulous trek journey to accomplish the majestic beauty of the Langtang region. The Langtang region lies in the Nepalese Himalayas north to the Kathmandu valley. Gosainkunda Lakes, Kyanjin Gompa, Langtang National Park, are popular highlights of the Langtang region. Famous mountains include Dorje Lakpa (6, 966m), Mt. Ganesh, Loenpia Gang (6, 979m), Changbu (6,781m), Yansa Tsenji (6, 690m), Kyungri (6,601m), Morimoto (6,150m), Tsogka (5,846m), Yala Peak (5,520m), Mt. Gaurisankar, Mt. Lirung, etc.

Langtang trek offers trekkers a celebrated beauty of the majestic Himalayas, geography, hills, flowers, floras, faunas, etc. In addition to this glorious rhododendron, pine, oak, maple forests are open in the Langtang conservation area. Langtang trek is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy the taxons of species like Tahar, rhesus monkeys, red pandas, etc. Moreover, people believe that there was the presence of yak in the asylum of Langtang Himalayas. Therefore, still, trekkers find some footsteps of ancient yetis during a trek to Langtang.

Gosainkunda lake is an integral part of Langtang valley and is one of the sacred pilgrimages of this region. Moreover, Gosainkunda lake is an alpine freshwater lake in Langtang National Park. Lake is at an altitude of (14, 370 ft) and comprises an area of 13.8 Hectares. Gosainkunda Lake togetherly combines with several other small lakes and forms a complex of holy lakes.

Therefore, the total area consisted of an area of 1,030 Ha (4.0 sq mi) and indicated as a Ramsar site. Trekkers can encounter many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims performing rituals in the Gosainkunda region during peak time.

Langtang Valley Trek:

Furthermore, Langtang Trek takes you to Kyanjin Gumpa, as it is a Buddhist religious monastery. Kyanjin Gompa (3780m) offers a great view of Langtang ranges and other snowy peaks. The majority of tribal people here are Tamang peoples. Lucky trekkers can conquer the view of seasonal icefalls from Mt. Lirung, Mt. Kinshung, and Langtang hills.

Therefore, the Langtang valley is a perfect destination for all the adventure lovers, mountain seekers, etc. to capture the dream of Langtang valley. We invite you all to inhibit the beauty of majestic geography via in the Langtang region.

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Langtang trek valley is a fabolous trek journey of accomplish the majestic beauty of the langtang region. An opportunity to explore typical villages.
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